Solidarity with Moria




As you’re all well aware by now, Europe’s largest migrant camp, Moria, was consumed by a fire on Wednesday, destroying everything and displacing 13,000 migrants. For years, the politicians watched Moria camp (initially designed for fewer than 3,000) turn into an open-air-prison, having done nothing to prevent the tragedy we have to endure today. As a result of their discriminative ideologies — followed by more fascist restrictions that caused even more inhumane conditions during the pandemic — 13,000 people are now left on the streets. They’ve lost the little they had. Thirteen thousand people got stuck between the city and the village and harassed by fascists while trying to access food and water. The Greek government declared a state of emergency of four months, has deployed more police forces on the island, and as far as we can understand, they are transferring some people to new temporary camps that seem to be closed camps run by the military. Just five days after the Moria disaster, we once again witness that no safety precautions are being taken. We are speechless to see that a horrendous disaster caused only by irresponsible, xenophobic, and racist actions of the politicians, is once again being used to oppress the vulnerable.

As Root Radio, we decided to launch a fundraising campaign in solidarity with NGOs and the refugees in Moria Camp. We, as artists, activists, and the people who support the cause, are organizing a three-day, non-stop music protest between the 19th-21st of September on Root Radio. A compilation will also be launched in October to get as many donations and be as loud as we can to raise awareness of the horrible situation. Please follow the link in our bio to see the list of the NGOs and organizations that need your support, and donate now.

With solidarity, Root Radio

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